Are you looking to enhance the relationships in your team or bring a fresh way of working with your customers? How can medieval musicians possibly relate to the modern world of business management?

As well as medieval musicians, we are; consultant psychotherapist, heritage manager and consultant arboriculturist. Together we have devised a programme that helps companies develop enhanced emotional intelligence skills in their staff as well as new ways of understanding the idiosyncratic ways of how people operate. Our programme involves exercises that are uniquely practical and repertory grids that help your staff develop their personal and interpersonal skills.

Medieval Musicians?

Yes, as part of the process we use instruments and music to help develop individual and group focussed communication

Edi Bea Thu is a simple piece but it hangs together well despite this; Why? What are intertwining parts doing so that they complement each other no matter how fast or sedate?

There is no one simple answer to these questions and this reflects in our functioning in everyday life. Being able to anticipate and manage communication is essential in good business. We use music to help your staff develop their assessment of emotional intelligence and personality in both themselves and others’


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