This is our diary of performances and visits. Some of these are private events. Click the event title for more information.

Venue Date Event Time
Cobham SchoolWednesday, 30 May, 2018Medieval Festival09:00
Wellingborough Medieval FestivalSaturday, 16 June, 2018Medieval Festival11:00
Wellingborough Medieval FestivalSunday, 17 June, 2018Medieval Festival11:00
Mary Ardens FarmSaturday, 23 June, 2018Midsummer10:00
Mary Ardens FarmSunday, 24 June, 2018Midsummer09:00
Tamworth CastleSaturday, 14 July, 2018Medieval Banquet20:00
Pershore Number 8Wednesday, 18 July, 2018Workshop for people living with dementia and their carers13:00
Thorpes Bay GardensSaturday, 21 July, 2018Private Banquet20:00
Middleton HallSaturday, 28 July, 2018Festival12:00
Middleton HallSunday, 29 July, 2018Festival12:00
Barry IslandSaturday, 11 August, 2018Pirate Festival - as Badde Habyt11:00
Barry IslandSunday, 12 August, 2018Pirate Festival - as Badde Habyt11:00
Tonbridge CastleSaturday, 08 September, 2018Medieval Event11:00
Tonbridge CastleSunday, 09 September, 2018Medieval Event11:00
Mary Ardens FarmSaturday, 22 September, 2018Solstice10:00
Mary Ardens FarmSunday, 23 September, 2018Solstice10:00
Hever CastleSaturday, 29 September, 2018Private 40th Birthday Party20:00
Hasbury Methodist ChurchTuesday, 16 October, 2018Talk14:00
Tamworth CastleSaturday, 01 December, 2018Banquet19:00