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Lovely feedback for our Crescent and the Cross CD!

We had a fabulous day on 10th August at Abington Park Museum as part of History Needs You. Not only did we have fun, but we also sold CDs! One visitor kindly sent us some feedback:

” you had brilliantly incorporated not only your thrilling early music but birdsong, thunderstorms and a crowded tavern, and then on top of all that there were beautiful passages from Omar Khayyam’s The Rubaiyat…

..I find the whole tapestry of sounds on your CD so atmospheric, and think that your idea of putting the music in that crusader times  context vividly brings scenes to mind. 
Thank you all so much. “

And thanks to you for taking the time to email us!

You can but your copy of this CD here:

The Crescent and The Cross CD

Music and Readings from the time of The Crusades. In these recordings we bring together music and song from the 12th to 14th centuries with poetry from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyám (c1048–1131). We have included pieces from around Europe, much of which reflects the diverse historic cultural influences of the Iberian Peninsula, Ottoman Empire and local country tradition. Continue reading

A Merrie Medieval Noyse CD

  1. Processional from the Play of Daniel  Anon 12th Century
  2. Como Poden From the Cantigas de Santa Maria 13th Century
  3. Piece Instrumentale Composer Adam 15th Century
  4. Ich Bins Erfreat Anon 15th Century
  5. Im Maien Composer: Senfl c1486
  6. Saltorello Anon 14th Century
  7. All Voll Composer Liederbuch c 1480
  8. Estampie Anon 14th Century
  9. La quarte Estampie Royal Anon 14th Century
  10. Sumer is a cumin in 14th Century English Round
  11. Il Gieus de Robin et Marian Composer Adam de la Halle C1285
  12. Danse Royale French 13th Century
  13. Nobilis Humilis Anon 12th Century
  14. Esta a primera Cantiga From the Cantigas de Santa Maria 13th century
  15.  Il est de bonne Hevre Ne Anon C1470
  16. Edi Beo Thu -Hear it here:  Listen Anon C1260
  17. Dance & Ductia Anon Anon 13th Century

Making Merrie Renaissance CD

  1. Galliard Don’t Vient Cella Hear it here: Listen Played upon the Renaissance guitar, descant, sopranino recorder, drums and tambourine
  2. All in a Garden Green Hear it here: Listen
    Upon the renaissance guitar, descant recorder, and drum
  3. What If a Day  Upon the renaissance guitar, alto, tenor & bass recorders
  4. Ronde & la Parma Hear it here: Listen Played upon the shepherd’s pipes and drum
  5. Martin Said To His Man  Sung by Barry with the renaissance guitar
  6. The Duke & Double Bransle Played upon shawms, recorders with drum and tambourine
  7. Ductia Featuring the sopranino rauschpfeife with simple percussion
  8. Ballo Anglese Played upon the renaissance guitar and recorder
  9. Three Ravens Sung by Barry with the renaissance guitar and tenor recorder divisions
  10. Gibbon’s Fantasia No.19 A free form instrumental piece for two alto recorders.
  11. La Cornetta & Si Par Sosfire Upon the renaissance guitar and alto recorder with drum and tambourine.
  12. Basse Dance, Jouissance & Tordion Upon the renaissance guitar and alto recorder with drum and tambourine
  13. My Lady Greene Sleeves Sung by Barry with renaissance guitar and recorder divisions
  14. Batra’s Exercitum No.10  A free form instrumental piece for two alto recorders
  15. Master Will Kemp’s Gig Upon the Renaissance guitar and soprano recorder
  16. Susato’ Pass e medio Presented upon the renaissance guitar and soprano recorder
  17. Buffens Upon the Shepherd’s pipes, Shawms and percussion